Emergency Maintenance - Router Software Upgrade [ONGOING]

Emergency Maintenance - Router Software UpgradeTime: 5/12/2024 10:51:37 PM EasternDetail: This notification is to inform you of emergency maintenance that may affect your service. Please review the details of this notification to determine how it will affect your service.Event Type: Router Software UpgradeStart: 2024-05-13 02:00:00 EasternEnd: ... Read More »

13th May 2024
NY Connectivity issues [ RESOLVED ]

The entire New York datacenter is experiencing a fire and is in emergency power off. An isolated fire in an UPS in an electrical room was detected and put out by fire suppression. The local fire department arrived on the scene, and per NEC guidelines and likely local laws and general best practices for firefighters, cut the power to the building. ... Read More »

10th Jul 2023
Notice of upcoming San Jose network maintenance [ 17-Dec-22 11:00AM CST] - OPEN

Recently we notified you via email of our plans to migrate to a new data center in San Jose, CA. This is a follow-up email to remind you of the upcoming migration that will incur downtime on Friday, December 17th from 11 am -8 pm CST. In case you missed our first email, below is a recap. We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our data ... Read More »

15th Dec 2022
Notice of upcoming Chicago network maintenance [ 29-Sep-22 06:00:00 UTC] - COMPLETED

This is an announcement for an upcoming Chicago network maintenance. GSL has informed us of the following notification that pertains to your Chicago hosting.  =================================================================================  Start Time: Thursday, 29-Sep-22 06:00:00 UTC  End Time: Thursday, 29-Sep-22 09:00:00 UTC  Details: ... Read More »

22nd Sept 2022
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