RDP A/c Rules

last Updated : Dec 15, 2019 -- Tags: Remote , Desktop , Rules

If you are enjoying our services of Remote Desktop Accounts then you must follow all the following remote desktop rules :-

Note These rules does not apply to VPS and Dedicated Servers. These rules only apply to shared RDP Plans.

VPS are same as RDP Servers along with extra benifits such as Full Root Access and are private server having dedicated IPs (not shared).

  1. Downloading more than 4 files at a time via IDM (including appending) is not allowed (10 for Super RDP)
  2. Only one RAR/UNRAR at a time (10 for Super RDP)
  3. No batch seeding allowed (Unlimited for SuperRDP)
  4. Uploading more than 8 files at a time via FileUploader is not allowed
  5. Uploading more than 4 files at a time via FileZilla is not allowed (other tools are allowed to upload more)
  6. Only one process for Cut/Copy/Paste at a time (Unlimited for SuperRDP)
  7. No Hacking/Cracking/Bruteforcing/Port Scanning tools are allowed
  8. Doing any three of the above mentioned work at the same time is also not allowed
  9. Storing files anywhere other than your storage drive is also not allowed and will be deleted
  10. Close the applications which are not longer being used to save the resource
  11. Or anything similar to above points
  12. If you suspect any client violating any of the above rules you can report here